Areas of focus

Corporate Advisory

  • Strategic consulting
  • Prospective business plans
  • Sustainability assessment of the company’s business model
  • Support for the governance of family businesses
  • Internationalisation
  • Insurance


  • Debt rescheduling and/or search for new funds
  • Liquidity crisis management
  • Advice for creditors: protecting and optimising their positions
  • Syndicated Loans
  • Refinancing and Financing for new investments
  • LBO / MBO


  • De-mergers/divestitures/takeovers
  • Valuations/fairness opinions and capital advice
  • Corporate reorganisations
  • Corporate restructuring, such as spin-offs and carve-outs
  • Mandati Sell/buy side e cross-border
  • Negotiations and closing

Real Estate

  • Legal and financial advice in transactions involving the sale and acquisition of real estate or financial instruments with underlying real estate units (NPL)
  • Real estate brokerage
  • Real estate fund management

Equity Capital/IPO

  • Management of financial instruments
  • Small & mid cap prices on AIM Italy
  • Capital increases on mid & large caps listed on the MTA
  • Private placement with Institutions and Private Investors

Tax & Legal

  • Corporate, tax and fiscal law
  • Accounting, Financial and Business Due Diligence
  • Financial/accounting assistance
  • Legal and tax aspects in M&A transactions
  • Tax investigation and professional advice in tax matters

La Boutique

C Capital is a financial advisory boutique, with offices in Milan and Rome, consisting of a group of highly experienced professionals in the legal, corporate and financial fields with a multidisciplinary and highly specialised background.

Our company was founded in collaboration with the Cardia family, and today its network of professionals is able to offer companies a complete and consistent management consultancy, aimed at business continuity and implementation, as well as the optimum fulfilment of entrepreneurial objectives.

Companies are continuously supported in the creation of value, assessing risks and seizing opportunities in all financial transactions: acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, contributions, spin-offs, industrial and financial restructuring, redefinition of corporate strategies. High standards of technical specialisation, multi-disciplinary expertise and in-depth knowledge of the markets and the various product sectors are made available for these highly complex and particularly sensitive operations, for the continuity and development of the company.

Mission and values

Our mission is to offer tailor-made consultancy and assistance, in order to bring real added value to each client in extraordinary finance transactions, with effective and tangible solutions. We support the growth of our clients and facilitate their contact with the market by seeking venture capital, stock market listings, advising on acquisitions and structuring instruments for raising debt capital.

The value system of our company is based on what we believe in:

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Why choose us?

Thanks to the founders’ consolidated experience at the helm of industrial groups, the highest financial supervisory body and major financial and corporate transactions, C Capital guarantees:

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    An extensive network of relationships able to minimise implementation time;
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    An important knowledge of industrial sectors, business processes and stock market rationale;
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    An outstanding ability to generate opportunities.
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Our company’s approach is entirely tailored to the needs of the client, who can benefit from customised solutions and the care and attention of a true financial boutique.

Our approach and key success factors

C Capital is a boutique firm specialising in strategic finance that serves as a one-stop shop for the entrepreneur:

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A wide range of services

Offering a wide range of services to address and govern even the most challenging moments in the life of a business and its corporate structure;
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Consulting and support

Offering a wide range of services to address and govern even the most challenging moments in the life of a business and its corporate structure;
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Client relationship

Establishing a long-term, close and trusting relationship with the client;


We offer our Clients a wide-ranging strategic consultancy, including:

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Financial Advisory

  • Advising companies, shareholders and/or managers;
  • Assistance in the reorganisation of shareholding and governance structures;
  • Assisting companies in extraordinary financial transactions, such as acquisitions and sales of shareholdings and companies;
  • Assistance to companies in crisis in the reorganisation and restructuring of their debt exposure by finding and raising new risk and debt capital, managing relationships with credit institutions and in bankruptcy proceedings.
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Strategic consulting

  • Strategic-financial analysis of company objectives in relation to the target market;
  • Research and comparative analysis of possible targets to be acquired in Italy and abroad;
  • Advice on the implementation process of the National Industry 4.0 Plan.
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Company valuations

  • Drafting of business plans;
  • Preparation of evaluation documents with different purposes;
  • Fairness opinions;
  • Valuations of business components such as trademarks and business units.
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Internationalisation of companies

  • Consulting, assistance and support to companies, including smaller ones, that wish to export their business and know-how abroad (within and outside the EU).
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Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Assistance in the event of sale of companies (sell side) or acquisition (buy side) and leveraged and management buy outs (LBO-MBO) and in buy ins (LBI-MBI);
  • Defining acquisition, merger and sale strategy;
  • Setting expectations and sales/trade objectives;
  • Definition of the financial structure of the operation;
  • Identification and contracting with Italian and foreign institutional and industrial counterparts;
  • Direct assistance in the negotiation phase and coordination of professionals in charge of tax and legal aspects during the due diligence phase;
  • Assistance in the final stages of the operation.
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Insurance Advisory

  • Risk analysis services in relation to strategic business consulting in the insurance field, also with a view to the impact on business continuity in the event of a claim;
  • Analysis of the values to be insured according to the criteria of insurance valuation for a correct sizing of insurance contracts, including analysis of the adequacy of contracts with respect to company/corporate size;
  • Expert opinions and technical advice for insurance claims.
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Real estate

  • Legal and financial advice in transactions involving the sale and acquisition of real estate or financial instruments with underlying real estate (NPL) or corporate units.
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Development and/or restructuring capital

  • Seeking out financial and/or industrial capital partners to facilitate growth processes and the consolidation of debt positions;
  • Access to financiers, for smaller deals, through ‘club deals’;
  • Quote assistance on the main and secondary markets;
  • Structuring of debt capital.
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Wealth Advisory

Wealth Advisory is the combination of financial, tax, legal and corporate advisory services to help individuals and companies achieve their wealth objectives. The service, tailor-made for CCapital clients, focuses on preventive asset protection. First of all, a careful preliminary analysis of the composition of the assets is carried out, with the aim of investigating and developing measures to allocate them in an optimal manner, taking into account the client’s specific needs, his propensity for risk and the expectations in terms of return. Particular attention is given to the issues of “protection of business assets”. In order to stay abreast of the times and develop the client’s potential to the fullest, Wealth Advisory professionals use the latest tools and highly specialised skills.

  • Knowledge of asset analysis and control;
  • Protection and retention of assets;
  • Reorganisation and transmission of assets;
  • Asset protection.
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  • An offer that combines tax services with a highly specialised team.
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  • An offer that coordinates legal services through a highly specialised team.

Major clients

We have had the opportunity to work with:


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Corso Italia, 8 – 20123
Tel +39 02 849 455 84
Email [email protected]
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P.zza di S. Silvestro, 8 – 00187
Tel +39 06 993 127 50
Email [email protected]

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